Biometrics Ltd is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of electrogoniometers for dynamic movement analysis in research settings and computerized evaluation and exercise systems for clinical rehabilitation.

Biometrics Ltd range of precision electrogoniometer systems have been used extensively in a variety of research settings since 1991. For fast, accurate, easy to use measurement of dynamic joint movement, the Biometrics Ltd sensors are the choice of researchers worldwide. Products include the fully programmable multi channel DataLOG and real time DataLINK, both with multi sensor input including goniometry and advanced surface EMG capability. Biometrics Ltd sensors, instruments and software are also designed to easily integrate with other systems for synchronization of data collection.

Global customers include: thousands of leading universities, corporations, hospitals, research organizations, automotive and aerospace manufactures.

Biometrics Ltd E-LINK is the world standard for computerized clinical exercise and evaluation. Developed by therapists and engineers, and manufactured since 1993, E-LINK continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of clinicians and patients. The latest generation of E-LINK contains completely wireless sensors and a comprehensive range of modules for exercise, evaluation, documentation, progress reporting and physical impairment calculations.

Biometrics Ltd is proud of the longevity of E-LINK, with thousands of hospitals worldwide continuing to effectively use E-LINK to benefits patients for 10 to 15 years (or longer). Our commitment to support existing customers is evident - current versions of E-LINK software are backwards compatible with hardware manufactured as far back as 1995. The new wireless components are designed to work along side any existing E-LINK hardware as well as functioning as fully independent wireless systems.

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