E-LINK One ForcePlate (FP3)

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E-LINK One ForcePlate (FP3)

Art.Nr. E-LINK One ForcePlate (FP3)

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One single ForcePlate is sensitively designed to detect small measurements and proves to be an invaluable tool for desensitization exercises, accepting even the light touch of one finger to the full weight of one limb.

One ForcePlate may be utilised for weight bearing exercise from as little as the touch of one finger (0.1 kg/lb) through to full weight bearing on one limb (maximum 100kg).

By applying the patient's individual measurements in the Activities, a single ForcePlate is perfect for light touch/short duration exercise in pain management programmes through to full weight loading for strengthening joints and encouraging normal movement patterns. Graphs are generated for the exercise session enabling the clinician to assess the results and grade further Activities to meet therapeutic objectives.

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E-LINK One ForcePlate (FP3)

An Exciting and Flexible System for Rehabilitation

There is evidence in research to suggest that exercise and balance re-training are effective in treating patients with balance problems. The exercise however, needs to be intensive, based on the individual patient's needs, functional in nature and progressive.

E-LINK ForcePlates are the key to such exercise requirements and provide clinicians with everyday solutions to help patients in their care.

The portability and modularity of the system enables the ForcePlates to be used in many diverse ways for patients whose everyday activities are affected by balance deficiencies or other problems:

  • Stroke and neuro patients - The real-time display gives immediate biofeedback which can be particularly helpful for those patients with 'pusher syndrome'. The Activities encourage neuromuscular retraining to improve balance control and can also aid vestibular retraining for gaze and eye co-ordination.
  • Amputee and post-surgical hip, knee and ankle patients - The Activities encourage steady, flexible movement through weight shifting, strengthening specific joints.
  • Spinal injury patients - The ForcePlates can also be used for seated balance and trunk exercise promoting flexibility and motor control.
  • CRPS patients - Exercise can be graded for desensitization therapy in pain management programmes.
  • Patients at risk of falling - The E-LINK ForcePlates promote repetitive, purposeful activity to improve muscle groups crucial for proper balance e.g. stepping stance in preparation for walking.

The ForcePlate FP3 requires either the wireless Dongle (DG1) with wireless Adapter (AD1) OR the X4 InterX Unit as the interface to the computer.

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